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Lecture Halls, Cabinets and Keys

About the Lecture HallsThe 404 E lecture hall is filled with students on the first day Dr. Norris Armstrong's Biology class.

There are four lecture halls in the Biosciences Building: 404-A, 404B-C, 404-D, and 404 E. The lecture halls are owned and maintained by the Center for Teaching and Learning, but the Division of Biological Sciences maintains the computers, and can troubleshoot basic problems. 

Access and Keys

The cabinets in the lecture halls are unlocked around 8:30 a.m. and relocked around 6:45 p.m. (4:45 p.m. Friday) during the week by staff from the Biosciences Learning Center. During summer session, the halls are locked every day at 4:45 p.m. Because the BLC is not open during Maymester, faculty should email the Biology Business Manager if they are teaching a class and need cabinet access in May.

When do I need to check out a key?

Key check-out for cabinet access is really only necessary if you need to use the microphones or insert a DVD into the computer’s DVD drive. You can plug in your own laptop or a flash drive through the display, turn on the projector and even use the cabinet computer (if it is on), all without requiring a key to the cabinet.

Borrowing Keys

Faculty, TAs and post-docs may borrow a key from the BLC in room 406 if you find the cabinet is locked during the day. As we only have one copy of each key, the keys must be returned by the end of lecture.

Access After-hours and Checking out a Key for the Semester

If you need access to the cabinets outside of BLC hours, or would like to check out a key for the semester, please contact Patrick Lanham at the Center for Teaching and Learning. Students reserving the rooms through campus reservations should also contact CTL ahead of time to get the equipment they will need. Sorry, the BLC is not able to check out keys to students, or their faculty advisors, overnight.


For keys, or to rent equipment, please contact:

Patrick Lanham, Center for Teaching and Learning

Problems and Technical Issues

If you are in one of the lecture halls and need assistance right away, please call the Center for Teaching and Learning, 706-542-3456. This number is on the podium. CTL will give you further instructions and/or will send someone to assist you. 

Franklin OIT maintains the computers, so if there is not an emergency and you have a general question or issue regarding the computers, you may submit a helpdesk ticket

Support our Department

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Every dollar given has a direct impact upon our students and faculty. 

Undergraduate Research in Biology

Undergraduates majoring in biology have the opportunity to enhance their learning through direct participation in research and scholarship. At UGA, these opportunities enable undergraduates to participate in ground-breaking research, often as part of a team of graduate students and faculty. In fact, many students can earn academic credit while working under an experienced faculty mentor by taking BIOL 4960R or working directly with the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO). The Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellowship (BSURF) has been established to support undergraduate research opportunities in the Division of Biological Sciences within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. The Fellowship provides financial assistance to a student who has not had an opportunity to participate in a mentored research experience (paid, volunteer, or for credit) since matriculating to The University of Georgia.